A Hard-won But Worthy 2019 for Clear Technology

Looking back at 2019, it's not an easy year for all those engaged in the cause of environmental technologies especially in Toilet Revolution, while Clear made it's way.

On January 4th, 2020, the annual summary ceremony was held by the water industry committee of the construction industry, Zhongke water environment technology innovation and promotion center, and the village environmental science and technology alliance.

At this honorable stage,Tim Tsao,President of Clear(Suzhou) Environmental Technology,co.,ltd. received the award of “2019 Backbone of Village Water Environment”.

From the beginning, Clear has been aware of the truth that toilets reflect and affect the living habits, living tracks and health of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, and are related to the outcome of China's Beautiful Countryside Project.

Only by widely advocating the technological innovation in "turning manure into water" ,constantly landing the revolutionary toilets and systematically managing the technology,concept, material and equipment, can we improve the harmless treatment and resource utilization of excrement,thus,improve people's livelihood with reinvented toilets.

In 2019, those footprint of Clear's Reinvented Toilets has reached more areas in China, and even South Africa:

Footprint 1: Clear's Reinvented Toilets in the primary school of Yangguang village, Pingtan Town, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

Footprint 2: Class I public toilets in Jingui Park, Wuxi Economic Development Zone

Footprint 3: Clear stood out at the 17th China International Agricultural Products Fair sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Agriculture,China.

Footprint4: Clear won hot attention at the Invest in Africa Forum and Water Research Worshop in Johannesburg.

By local scenario oriented toilet revolution, Clear's Reinvented Toilets are progressing towards ecologicalization, intellectualization and multi-commercialization. By technology innovation, Clear has been re-defining the toilet products:

1. Clear's recycling water flush toilet: With Clear's BLIVETS patent, this recycling water flush toilet breaks through the traditional flush toilet's dependence on clean water by fulfilling the circle from sewage in-situ collection, feces crushing, solid-liquid separation,bio-degradation,purification and disinfection to recycling use, in which All the black water generated by the toilet will be innocuous treated by the device in the container above the toilet, and will be used for toilet flushing again without external water access. It realizes full self circulation, zero discharge and meets the requirements of sustainable development of ecological environment.

2. Clear's dry toilet and solar biochemical septic tank: Based on a deep understanding of the current situation for the rural toilet reform, especially that in the most cold and water scarce areas in northern China, Clear's dry toilet and solar biochemical septic tank improved the in-situ treatment of human excreta and the harmless treatment, promoted the health of rural residents, and made up for the water shortages affecting the living quality of farmers.

As a result of Clear's efforts " Transforming excrement into water", the condition of rural toilets and the living environment of rural residents has been improved in a large degree and are no longer the dirty and messy places like before. Many rural areas are regaining “Clear water and green mountains”like what's described in Chinese idiom. As the mentioned award “Backbone”of Village Water Environment and toilet revolution, Clear owns this credit with its real effort and achievement.