To provide sanitary and safe toilets to people around the world has always been Clear's mission..." says Tim Tsao, President of Clear Environmental Technology, during the interview with "Rise China" - the top brand interview show of CCTV.

You might know that domestic sewage is categorized as white, gray and black water, and the black water means human feces, the treatment of which is actually a worldwide challenge that we try to conquer. It sounds easy to handle, while within a specific unit of time and space, it is still a worldwide subject as well as headache to effectively get the feces sterilized with harmless methods.

Since 2015, we've been studying in this in cooperation with international organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to jointly promote a toilet revolution in technology, and to speed up the commercialization of our product. In 2018, we established Clear (Suzhou) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to focus on the R&D,production and sales of revolutionary toilet products.

(What is the background of this toilet revolution?)

In thousands of years in human history, we kept improving the toileting ways from the ancient toilets to the flushing toilets today. We as human being have come through a long way with toilets ,so has the technology.

Today, the harm if the toilet feces has attracted wide attention of knowledgeable people in the world. We put efforts to improve the technology to treat the toilet feces to make it more harmless.

(How to understand this harmless?)

Actually since ancient times we already knew that human feces could be fertilized and returned to the field as a kind of "yellow manure". But actually you need to know that in human feces there is a large amount of bacteria and germs, there will be worm eggs over time. Many infectious diseases are spread through feces . Thus well management of human feces is becoming increasingly important when human crowd become highly concentrated by urbanization...